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Project Description Diamond Tower

Located on one of the ‘twin hills’ of Givatayim 74.7 meters above sea level (which is equal to 22 floors of view), between highways 1,4,5 and 20, where the world is accessible – and the air is clean and pleasant

Since you will be highest, surrounded by curtain walls and wide window, there is nothing to keep that amazing view from being all yours. Mostly residential buildings.

During the years, the firm won many architectural competitions and gained an excellent reputation in Israel as well as abroad. The firm received great reviews from contractors, but mainly from buyers. So, it comes as no surprise that residential buildings designed by the firm are best sellers

.Within walking distance from both vibrant and quiet Givatayim

 You can run errands on Bialik Street or shop at the Givata’im Mall, stroll in Park Avraham,  have  Coffee break at  Cafe- Viola, enjoy a show at the Givata’im Theatre, you know that  onlyhere you can get true quality of life – because we are really

Upscale futuristic architecture, combined with homely, inviting warmth. As in similar exclusive residential towers in the world – it will be a pampering feeling

Along the green path leading to the main lobby, but mostly in it, the feeling of exclusivity will engulf you – making it an outstanding experience

At your disposal, a secondary intimate lobby, connecting you to the peaceful and prestigious Poalei Harakevet Street

The Rothman-Raz firm has designed a wide spectrum of neighborhoods, public and commercial buildings, and sports facilities

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